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Welcome To The Street
By Devonta Richardson and Jake McNerney · February 26, 2024


 We’re back for another Monday, folks! Hope you've got your coffee ready ☕️! This week, we decided to play detective and sent out a survey to peek into your thoughts on what's brewing in your neighborhoods. Seems like many of us are losing sleep over the public's thoughts on the badge! Don't worry; we're on the case! We'll be digging into this topic in our upcoming issues.

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Well, this week has been a rollercoaster of absurdity. California, bless its heart, is still doing its classic "all messed up" routine. In San Francisco, officers now need a signed invitation from the car itself before they can even think about searching it – unless they have P.C. (and no, not the computer kind).

But fear not! Over in Pittsburgh, the Police Department is taking a step towards becoming a place where people want to stick around. Their new motto seems to be, "Let's make work great again!"

In the world of cop comedy, Street Cop training has hit rock bottom, declaring bankruptcy faster than you can say "freeze!" And to add insult to injury, many states are now treating their certificates like they're worth less than a parking ticket. And when you thought things couldn't get nuttier, rumor has it we’re under attack by rogue acorns.

For the full scoop on these wild tales, check out the news stories below and prepare to laugh, cry, and maybe even facepalm a little.

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Officer Down

Our hearts are with the families and friends of our fallen officers this week. Take a moment to click on their links and visit their memorial pages. Let their sacrifices remind us how short life is. So, before you leave for duty this week whether you work in an office or out on the road. Make sure your loved ones know how much you love them and beware of the dangers from the world.

Rest easy Deputy Rivette, Trooper Redner, Officer Ruge, and Officer Elmstead. You paid the ultimate price in servicing your communities. We’ll hold the line from here. 🕊

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Shit, Your Sergeant Should’ve Taught You

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The 7 Witness Types

Whether you're untangling a traffic crash or diving deep into a homicide, mastering the art of handling different types of witnesses is critical. Here's a rundown of seven distinct witness types you'll encounter along the way, and remember, it's not all about shooting at acorns! (we’re not letting it go)

  1. Honest & Cooperative:
    - A person who has information and is willing to give it.
    - This person should be interviewed first
    - Ask Why they are being cooperative:
    - They may have a relation to your victim/offender
    - Prior Knowledge of victim/offender
    - Hidden motives

  2. Silent, Know Nothing, or Disintersted:
    - This type of witness is difficult to interview because they may not want to get involved
    -If you’ve tried everything and they don’t want to give any information use this pro tip.
    -Pro Tip 💡: Obtain a written statement from them and have them write on it that they did not hear or see anything or that they “know nothing”. That way later on if a defense attorney tries to bring them in as a witness you have a written statement from them saying that they did not hear or see anything.

  3. Reluctant or Suspicious:
    - This type of witness has information but is reluctant to share it or doesn’t want to be involved.
    - Some Tips…
    - Remove them from the scene and interview them at a different location.
    -Return to interview them after your suspect has been arrested or is not near the scene.
    - Interview them by phone
    - Use other officers (Female, Race, Negotiater, CIT)
    - Bring along a chaplain or clergy member

  4. Bashful or Timid:
    - May have the victim of threats
    -Nervous Talking to people
    -Foreign to the country, and don’t know about police
    - Be sensitive to the subject’s needs by showing
    -Interest, Sincerity, and a desire to help
    - Make Sure to be patient and establish a rapport

  5. Hostile or Deceitful:
    -This type of person deliberately attempts to impede your investigation by lying.
    - Examine the motives behind the deceit
    -Relation to victim/suspect or maybe a dislike for police
    - Once you can determine the motive this may point back to a person of interests

  6. Talkative or Boastful:
    - Not only willing and ready, but enjoys being in the investigation (Ex: such as security guards).
    - Can be a valuable witness but use caution
    - This type of witness wants to look brave, heroic, or just be a part of the action and may just want their name in the paper or some type of recognition.
    -This type of witness may exaggerate the story.

  7. Under the Influence:
    -Had a few drinks but is coherent and can communicate
    - This type of witness can be precious
    -Generally reliable & and Freed of Inhibitions which makes them more inclined to talk freely.
    - This type of witness will a lot of times share personal and intimate information


  Alright, everyone, it's quiz time! Time to see if your brains are as big as your mouths. Let's keep you sharp and on your toes, so you don’t run off and start shooting at acorns.

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For the purpose of furthering a criminal investigation, are police allowed to transport an individual to police headquarters or another police facility for questioning without the person’s consent?

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A search warrant is required for abandoned property.

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