First Day On "The Street"

This week, we're bringing you the latest law enforcement news story, officer-down memorials, and some good old police training. Join us for the first edition.

This week’s edition is in Dedication to:
Trooper Cenescar & Trooper Fink
Welcome To The Street
By Devonta Richardson and Jake Mcnerney · January 21, 2024

Welcome To The Shit Show

 Happy Monday to you all, and Welcome To The Street. In the words of my favorite sergeant, Go f*ck some sh*t up, but be righteous about it.”  Which means to be proactive. Go stop some cars, search the one that makes your spidey senses tingle, and make some arrests. However, make sure you’re being righteous about it. Which means to be fair, act in good faith, and don’t violate anybody’s rights. Have a safe shift .

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🗓️ What To Expect

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Officer Down

➡️ Take your hat off, rookie. This section is for our fallen officers who paid the ultimate price this past week. If you click on their pictures, it will take you to their officer-down memorial page.

 Rest Easy, Trooper Cenescar, Trooper Fink, and K-9 Nyx. We’ll hold the line from here. 

This week, we lost two of our brothers and one K-9 partner in the line of duty. Our two brothers were killed in a car crash during vehicle pursuits. Our hearts go out to Trooper Cenescar and Trooper Fink’s family.

This is a reminder for all of us to weigh the risk vs. reward factor when engaging in vehicle pursuits. Each year, we lose so many of our brothers and sisters to car crashes. Let their deaths serve as a reminder to us of the dangers of vehicle pursuits. Drive safe, and if you have to cancel a pursuit, remember that the goal of every shift is to go home at the end of it.

Shit, Your Sergeant Should’ve Taught You

➡️ Oh Rookie, if your sergeant failed to get you right we’re going to correct that sh*t right here. Also, in the words of my favorite Sgt. before receiving a write-up, “Come get your pee-pee slapped and move on 🤪.” Use these critiques to make you a better officer.

“Radio Etiquette”

Let's talk about your department-issued radio and your use of it. Proper use is being clear, accurate, and not hogging the radio air like an asshole.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, transmissions should not be longer than 15 seconds, and there should be a break if it is longer than 15 seconds. Sometimes, 15 seconds or more is needed. However, if you are on a low-priority call or giving low-priority information and have access to a computer in your car, shut the hell up. Another cop may be getting shot, conducting a traffic stop, or in a foot pursuit while you are giving a disposition over the air that took 20 minutes to get out.

Also, it is crucial that when entering your disposition into the computer, you clear the call out well. You should type out thorough notes about the call with your disposition. I have found myself reading old calls I cleared out at a particular residence and later benefitted from it when building a case.

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