March Madness 🏀

Welcome To The Street

Good Morning, here is your weekly shift briefing. 

This week marked the start of March Madness 🏀, so we wanted to discuss the best ball handler to wear the badge: Meagan Hall. Remember her from La Vergne PD? She successfully handled at least 4 sets on duty and has now been paid half a million dollars for it in a settlement with the city. Now that's what I call March Madness!

March Madness Sport GIF by Basketball Madness


Officer Down

This week we lost 0 officers in the line of duty.

What a great weak!

Gear of The Week

There are a ton of things to remember when investigating a DUI. Keep this in your shirt or vest pocket to always be ready to perform a field sobriety test.

Tip of The Week

Set The Tone for Your Shift:

Immediately after your shift briefing, Make a traffic stop and get consent to search.

Case Law Review

Check out the link below to brush up on your case law.


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