Spring Break

Welcome To The Street
By Devonta Richardson and Jake McNerney · March 4, 2024

Spring Break Shenanigans⛱

 Guess what time it is? Yup, you got it—spring break is officially upon us! And while our buddies in Florida will soon be duking it out with the rowdy college crowd, the rest of us around the country will have our own slice of the action coming our way.

As schools across the country set their students free, get ready for little Johnny to start wreaking havoc at home, because mommy won’t let him have his tablet. Our advice, brush up on juvenile law and be sure you know how to file a juvenile complaint. Because let's be real, when the kids are out acting a fool, who do the parents love to call?

So get ready for the coming weeks of mayhem, wishing you had chosen to do something else for a living, and wanting to spank little Johnny with your belt. Stay chill, stay safe, and remember to keep that sense of humor intact as we navigate this year’s spring break!

🗓️ What To Expect

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A few more note-worthy stories.

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Officer Down

Our hearts are with the families and friends of our fallen officers this week. Take a moment to click on their links and visit their memorial pages. Let their sacrifices remind us how short life is. So, before you leave for duty this week whether you work in an office or out on the road. Make sure your loved ones know how much you love them and beware of the dangers from the world.

Rest easy Officer Anotine, Officer Allen, and Trooper Gadd. You paid the ultimate price in servicing your communities. We’ll hold the line from here. 🕊

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 Shit, Your Sergeant Should’ve Taught You

How to Create a Personal Brand for Yourself and Network

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In our line of work, one truth stands out: life is short. Whether you're a cop now or considering life beyond the badge, it's essential to have a plan and build connections. This article aims to kickstart that journey.

Step 1: Carve out your Niche 

Pinpoint your strengths. Maybe you're:

  • The Tactical Titan - A SWAT expert?

  • Gear Guru - Knowledgeable about the latest cop gear?

  • DUI Detective - Skilled in handling DUI cases?

  • Public Relations Pro - Proficient at persuasion?

  • Traffic Incident Titan - A specialist in managing crashes?

  • Faithful Officer, guided by the divine - Providing spiritual support?

  • Traffic Ticket Tactician - Masterful at enforcing traffic laws?

  • K-9 Fanatic - A passionate handler?

Discover your niche and embrace it. Hone your skills, take additional courses, and establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field.

 Step 2: Grow your Network 

Forge meaningful relationships beyond your immediate circle. Connect with fellow officers, legal professionals, and community members. Collect contact information during trainings and engage on social media. You never know when you might need assistance or support.

Remember, this requires nurturing, meaning you have to check in with the people you meet and know regularly. Which could be once a month, once every two, or even once every 6 months but don’t lose contact.

Step 3: Take the Digital Plunge 

Use the power of social media to showcase your expertise.

  • Share insights and tips related to your niche.

  • Establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field.

  • Share photos/videos of you doing what you love doing.

  • Share your experiences and funny war stories.

Your online presence can elevate your reputation and open doors to new opportunities.

Build your brand, cultivate relationships, and seize the possibilities that lie ahead. What you then decide to do with that brand is up to you.

A Few Examples

  • Consider the story of my friend Trevor Marlin, a colleague from the Henry County PD in Georgia. Unfortunately, Trevor experienced a shoulder injury while on duty, which sidelined him from active duty. However, during his time on light duty, Trevor seized the opportunity to enhance his skills as a Drone Operator during his off hours, developing a keen interest in the technological aspects of law enforcement.

    This led him to discover BRINC, a drone company, where he pursued a career. Now, he travels across the country educating law enforcement professionals on how BRINC’S drones can benefit their work and serve as a valuable de-escalation tool. It's truly inspiring to witness Trevor turning a setback into an opportunity and realizing his dream! This serves as a reminder that finding a niche within your profession can open doors, even in challenging times like injury on the job.

  • One of the best stories on branding comes from Mike Nelson, a K-9 Handler with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. Mike has excelled in creating a brand centered around his and his K9 partner’s adventures. This branding effort has unlocked numerous opportunities for Mike, enabling him to travel across the country alongside his k9 (K9 Storm) to educate law enforcement officers about Autism and how to effectively handle encounters involving autistic individuals. Furthermore, it has led to invitations for Mike to travel around the State of Georgia, where he educates children on the perils of drugs and gangs.

    It's worth noting that Mike was the oldest individual to graduate from my police academy, and over the past six years, he has arguably been the most successful. A significant factor contributing to his success has been his ability to brand and network with fellow officers. While Mike continues to serve at the Sheriff’s Office as a gang investigator alongside K9 Storm, his branding and networking abilities have also enabled him to own, and operate three thriving businesses: POINTER TACTICAL, MR. MOONWALK, and SNO BIZ of GEORGIA

    Click here to check out K9 Storms Facebook Page

  • Last but not least Eric Brown is a great example of how successful you can become if you truly master your Niche. Eric who I would call a "Traffic Incident Titan" during his tenure at the Canton Police Department in Ohio, went all-in on his passion for accident reconstruction. He put himself through rigorous training to become a Traffic Crash Reconstructionist at the highest level nationally. Fast forward to today, Eric's retired and killing it in the private sector, running a booming company that reconstructs accidents for big-name corporations. But wait, there's more! Using his branding and networking skills, Eric launched a podcast where he dives deep into all things traffic crashes AND on top of it all he still instructs Traffic Crash Levels 1-4 part-time through OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) because it’s his passion.

    Click here to check out Eric’s Website. Crash Tech Reconstruction Services

Training: Case Law Review

Know Your Case Law

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