Week 21

Welcome To The Street

Good Morning, Officer your weekly shift briefing has arrived.

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Bad Ass SWAT Sniper From Florida:

Have you seen this yet? A Florida SWAT Sniper Shoots a suspect in the head who is holding two hostages at knifepoint. The SWAT Operator shoots through a computer monitor while the sniper rifle is positioned on another operator’s shoulders. Talk about Fu*k around and find out.


What would you do?

You pull over a car for expired plates and you see this at the window what are you doing?

(If your answer is other. Please leave a response as to what you would do. We will share the best answers next week.)

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Officer Down

This week we lost 0 officers in the line of duty.

May all of you continue to be safe for another week and return home to your families. Remember to slow down when responding to emergency calls and to practice staying vigilant while patrolling the streets.

Watch Your Six Stephen Dorff GIF by FOX TV

How did we do?

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