☘️ St. Paddy's Day 2024

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Welcome To The Street
By Devonta Richardson and Jake Mcnerney · March 18th, 2024

St. Paddy’s Day ☘️

Ah, the weekend of leprechauns and green beers has come and gone. Hopefully, you managed to escape the confines of duty and partake in the festivities. But if you were stuck working, we offer our sympathies – it's a tough gig when duty calls while the green beer flows.

This weekend was another good weekend for DUI enforcement and traffic stops 🚔. Reply to this email and share any crazy stories especially if you saw leprechauns running around.

As for me, after a few too many green beers, I swear I saw a couple of leprechauns making a break for it. Or maybe it was just the Irish spirit playing tricks on my eyes. Either way, it was a weekend to remember... or forget, depending on how much you indulged. Cheers to another St. Paddy's Day in the books ☘️!

This week we’ve made a few changes to the format and we plan to roll out many more to continue to provide you with the best reading experience. We encourage you to leave us some feedback at each of our check-in points helping us understand what works well and what you'd like to see improved. Lastly, If you enjoy it- share it.

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Officer Down

This week, we mourn the loss of Officer Justin Hare of the New Mexico State Police, who was tragically shot and killed while attempting to assist a stranded motorist. Police Law News has crafted an excellent article providing detailed insights into the events leading to his untimely death, and we strongly encourage reading it. Additionally, we must not overlook honoring Border Patrol Agent Christopher Luna, who lost his life in a helicopter crash alongside two members of the National Guard last week.

Shit, Your Sergeant Should’ve Taught You

Staying Fit in the Cruiser: Tips for Healthy Coping and Longevity

There is an old study by the D.O.J. that studied the lifespan of cops after retirement. The average cop only lived 5 years after retirement. Why? Likely because we sit all day, eat like shit, and are stressed the fuck out most times.

The statistics have now changed and cops live a little longer after retirement now. This is thanks to more cops being physically fit, deciding to eat better, and all the mental health awareness and help available now.

However to make real changes that will last throughout your career. It starts with small changes. Here are a few tips.

  • Take Active Breaks: Incorporate short bursts of physical activity throughout the day. Aim to walk or engage in other forms of movement for at least five minutes every hour while on duty.

  • Healthy Lunch Choices: Plan and pack at least one nutritious meal for lunch each week. This simple habit can significantly improve dietary habits over time.

  • Mindful Breathing: Allocate five minutes during each shift for a breathing exercise. This practice not only promotes relaxation but also helps manage stress levels effectively.

  • Regular Gym Sessions: Dedicate a specific day and time each week for gym sessions. Consistency is key to maintaining physical fitness and overall well-being.

  • Connect with Others: Make it a habit to reach out to at least one colleague or friend every week for a casual conversation. This simple act of connection can provide invaluable support and alleviate stress.

    Once these practices become routine, consider gradually increasing their frequency and duration. By prioritizing physical activity, healthy eating, and mental well-being, officers can enhance their quality of life and longevity both on and off duty.

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Training: Scenario Based

Officer Only Writes Tickets was on duty last week when he stopped a car for speeding. While conducting the traffic stop, he noticed an unusual sight: five deflated mini balloons lying on the passenger seat. These balloons, of various colors, seemed to contain something inside them, despite not being inflated. Finding this suspicious, Officer Only Writes Tickets asked for consent to search the vehicle but was denied.

Officer Only Writes Tickets, did what he does best. Wrote a ticket and sent them down the road.

Later that afternoon, Sgt. Get Yo Shit Together happened to review Officer Only Writes Tickets' body camera footage from the stop. Upon seeing the balloons, Sgt. Get Yo Shit Together suspected the possibility of hidden contraband, particularly heroin, which traffickers were known to conceal in similar-looking balloons

Three months down the line, Officer Only Writes Tickets found himself in a similar situation. Another speeding vehicle, another set of mini balloons—this time on the backseat floorboard. Again, Officer Only Writes Tickets sought consent to search the vehicle, only to be denied. The driver insisted that the balloons contained nothing illicit, claiming they were filled with water. However, Officer Only Writes Tickets couldn't shake the feeling that something was up—the driver's trembling hands and refusal to make eye contact only heightened his suspicions.

Can Officer Only Writes Tickets legally pull the driver out and search the vehicle without consent based on the information he received from Sgt. Get Yo Shit Together and his observations?

And Why? (Click Read the article online to leave a public comment for our new officers to learn).

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